Diwali has been celebrated by every religion in India. Just like Hindus, sikh religion people express their affection, love and admiration for diwali by visiting their religious place 'Golden Temple' which is decorated with lights, lamps and candles. They celebrate diwali festival in honor of their 6th Sikh Guru Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib ji who rescued on this day and got 52 kings released from Jahangir's Gwalior Prison. Diwali is also called Bandhi Chod Diwas in Sikh History. So, set these sikh diwali wallpaper or diwali celebration at golden temple to express feelings and affection for sikhism.
Diwali At Golden Temple Free Diwali Sikh Wallpaper
Sikh Diwali Wallpaper

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